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Season 3: Ongoing. Summaries by Dave Sim, provided by Sandeep Atwal.

# Title Length Original airdate Summary
301 (84) "Behind the Scenes" 30 minutes October 28, 2011 Dave Sim offers a practically-up-to-the-minute look at work on the cover toCEREBUS ARCHIVE #16 (because it's very, very late!), the issue spotlighting the creation of Cerebus in January of 1977 as the cartoon mascot for Deni Loubert's Aardvark-Vanaheim Press' Cerebus that never managed to get off the ground as a fantasy fiction zine. Sneak peek at the earliest versions of that logo. Also the first "Viewer Mail" in a while where Michael R. of Easton, Pennsylvania requests Dave Sim and Cerebus dancing and singing together for the first time! Will Dave Sim oblige? Of course! Michael has been reading CEREBUS for years. How cheesy a routine is it? Tune in and find out. Also Margaret Liss, having revived CEREBUS THE NEWSLETTER after a 25-year hiatus between issues (and you thought FOLLOWING CEREBUS was slow!) has the perfect excuse for failing to put out issue 20 since January. Dave Sim reveals the little-known secret.
302 (85) "CBLDF and Comic Legends: Hands Across the Border" 30 minutes November 04, 2011 Charles Brownstein, the Executive Director of the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund gives a summation of the situation in which the CBLDF finds itself in 2011 in a special recorded by John Scrudder at Heroes Con this year, followed by news of the revival of the Canadian version of the CBLDF, the Comic Legends Legal Defence Fund from Eisner-nominated comics writer Derek McCulloch (and an examination of his most recent graphic novel, PUG). In response to an American cartoonist being arrested at the Canadian border for having what is alleged to be Manga child pornography on his laptop computer. Dave Sim then offers his person take as a reformed First Amendment Absolutist, now a First Amendment Purist.
303 (86) "DC Makes History" 30 minutes November 11, 2011 It's been almost two months since the massive relaunch of the DC Universe with 52 brand new #1 issues bringing new customers into the stores and causing even the most jaded fans and collectors to take a look at what all the shouting is about. Of course there's been a (temporary?) downside in that it ended up being a kind of Black September for many Indy publishers. Can there really be publishers experiencing 50 to 90% drops in sales? It'll be a while until we all know for certain but, in the meantime, Dave Sim offers up his own glamourpuss sales figures on issue 20 and 21 and (gulp) the final verdict on the heavily-promoted, double-shipping glamourpuss No.22]] with its (gulp) Zootanapuss No.1 variant cover. What DID happen to orders on the last day that retailers could place them? Hey, Dave had to wait two months to find out -- you can wait until tonight! Also -- the winner of the glamourpuss No. 21 "Find The Hidden Cerebus" contest. Who will win the LITERALLY DOZENS OF DOLLARS UP FOR GRABS? Also a quick and (hopefully) helpful critique of Q-MAN: ANTIGENESIS a graphic novel by Rob Wheeler and Aaron Schnore for all those folks out there looking to get into this crazy business (for some reason).
304 (87) "Teen Angels & New Mutants" 30 minutes November 18, 2011 Stephen R. Bissette, famed SWAMP THING penciller, TABOO editor and publisher and TYRANT creator wrote an essay about Rick Veitch's late 1980s early 1990s kid sidekick graphic novel BRATPACK commissioned by Veitch for a BRATPACK collection that never happened...inviting Steve to "let him have it with both barrels"...which Bissette then turned into a 300+ page wide-ranging treatise on the sexualizing of teenagers, homosexuality, graphic depictions of taboo subjects, Veitch's "life in the exit ramp" teen years, corporate comics vs. self publishing ("Am I really going to let myself read this?" host Dave Sim asks. "Oh wait a minute, I'm in here, too!"). CAUTION: FEATURES VERY DISTURBING IMAGERY: NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!
305 (88) "Frank Cho: Crack or Crystal Meth?" 30 minutes November 25, 2011 Frank Cho of LIBERTY MEADOWS -- and SHANNA and BRUTAL and GUNS AND DINOS and ZOMBIE KING (the Movie?) -- is back for his third big appearance on CEREBUS TV, discussing where he is right now in his career and where he intends going. What are the Three Distinct Possibilities? Also, who was the first artist that Frank ever glommed onto when he was just six years old back in 1978? Also for those of you who like to watch Dave Sim draw -- footage of him doing page one of glamourpuss #23, "Zootanapuss vs. High Fashion Models" from beginning to end -- while he also muses on his new online dialogue with Alexa, intrepid online comics reporter for Comic Book Daily.
306 (89) "The Last Signing: The Newlyweds" 35 minutes December 2, 2011 It's been over a year since Dave Sim did his LAST SIGNING EVER in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Kremer Award winning store STRANGE ADVENTURES and we're still trying to finish our coverage. For the signing itself, you can't beat the coverage by Mike Kitchen (of SPY GUY fame) in his YouTube video so we didn't even try. Living an hour away from Dave in Burlington, Ontario, Mike and Blair (of THE POSSUM fame) drove 18 hours straight with their wives and (between them) six kids for the LAST SIGNING, getting there mere minutes before the 10 pm start time. So what happened when the bars in the neighbourhood let out at 1:30 am and the signing was still going -- and what did Dave Sim do when he found out that Kevin Kennedy was there on his honeymoon (and that he had left his bride sitting by the front door for the last two hours?). Also sneak previews of the Steve McNiven and Troy Little interviews yet to come.
307 (90) "Will Eisner: Conversations" 35 minutes December 09, 2011 Dave Sim discusses his favourite part of the new collection of interviews, WILL EISNER CONVERSATIONS edited by M. Thomas Inge for the University of Mississippi Press (hint: it isn't from his own interview with Eisner from 1974). Also: how the recent Heritage Auction of original cover artwork from 1942 and the last of the Mile High collection gave him a new perspective on his own work. Also, can you guess what Sim's reaction was to news of a Philadelphia brewery's unauthorized use of Cerebus' name and image on their pale ale? Finally, a sneak preview of an upcoming interview with Canadian superstar cartoonist, Darwyn Cooke.
308 (92) "The Dave Sim Book Club" 35 minutes December 16, 2011 You will actually believe Cerebus as a blue balloon animal thanks to the artistry of The Amazing Mr. J part of the welcoming contingent greeting Dave Sim at Halifax Airport in 2010 for THE LAST SIGNING, all documented by professional fashion photographer the (Equally Amazing) Stoo Metz and a preview of just some of his photos for a quick highlight slideshow. Interrupted by a bulletin from The C-Minus Kid that Eric Hoffman, having completed work on a book of collected essays (to be published by McFarland Press in 2012) CEREBUS THE BARBARIAN MESSIAH, is now at work on another book DAVE SIM: CONVERSATIONS for the University of Mississippi Press. Also Dave Sim comments, briefly, on Susan Alston's forthcoming book DAVE SIM'S LAST GIRLFRIEND.
(91) "A Christmas Carol: Stave 3" 90 minutes December 24, 2011 Dave Sim's annual reading of Charles Dickens' literary Christmas classic from 1837, Stave Three -- The Ghost of Christmas Present. If you've never read the unabridged original, here's a chance to hear all the parts you've been missing up to now. (Spoiler warning:) Tiny Tim might not live to see another Christmas unless Bob Cratchit's humble income increases. Occupy Camden Town is NOT an option!
309 (93) "Darwyn Cooke: Straight Up!" 35 minutes December 28, 2011 No mix, no chaser. John Scrudder -- at Dave Sim AND Michael Allred's behest -- asks multiple Eisner and Shuster Award winner, Darwyn Cooke, "What's right and what's wrong with the Industry". Fasten your seatbelts because Cooke doesn't pull any punches! Then Dave Sim weighs in with his personal view of Darwyn Cooke's work. And then -- picking up on one of Cooke's themes -- Dave Sim offers his own views of the Digital Revolution going on (or IS it?) in comics. He's got plenty of time to think about it, while signing, numbering, bagging and boarding 519 copies of ZOOTANAPUSS No.1. Also, a new printing of CEREBUS volume 7, FLIGHT, gets the digital treatment from the original artwork. Is Sim going to sign with iVerse? And how are they different from DC in 1985 (the last time Sim negotiated with a multinational corporation)? Don't miss a minute of the action.
310 (94) "To Viacom with Love" 35 minutes January 6, 2012 Down to the nitty-gritty with Ted Adams of IDW PUBLISHING on the forthcoming reprinting of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #8 in IDW's COMPLETE TURTLES COLLECTION volume 2. How much is Adams going to pay Sim? How much does Dave Sim pay Bob Burden for the use of FLAMING CARROT in CHURCH & STATE II? None of your business, sure -- but ADMIT IT -- you're DYING TO KNOW! Only one way to find out: TUNE IN. Also, what happened when Will Eisner's A CONTRACT WITH GOD was sold at the legendary Brentano's Bookstore on Fifth Avenue in New York? One of Sim's favourite parts of the new WILL EISNER: CONVERSATIONS book. Also! Don't miss "Saving CHURCH & STATE" as Dave Sim goes through the 2 foot by 3 foot "flats" of negatives looking for the cleanest copies of crucial pages for the 11th printing of this classic graphic novel...and explains WHY the needed to be 2 feet by 3 feet!
311 (95) "The First Five Episodes" 35 minutes January 13, 2012 Computer trouble stalls production on the cover of CEREBUS ARCHIVE No.17 which leads to a first look at Sandeep Atwal's design for a video package of the first five episodes of CEREBUS TV from 2009 which leads to (spoiler warning!) WONDER WOMAN EXPLODES! which leads to a quick look at Steve Ditko's output for 2011 as he's coming up on his seventh decade as a comics professional and sixth decade as an independent comics purist, owning and controlling all of his own work which leads into Robin Snyder -- Ditko's publishing partner -- giving Dave Sim a major helping hand with this research into the SECOND photorealistic comic strip, Alden McWilliams' TWIN EARTHS which leads into a progress report on Sim's History of Photorealism in glamourpuss.
312 (96) "Chris' Present" 30 minutes January 20, 2012 What do you get for the nightclub DJ who has everything? If he's a Cerebus fan and you happen to be the Diamond Comics Brand Manager for Aardvark-Vanaheim, you ask Dave Sim if he can come up with something. If you're Dave Sim, you harken back to your own long-ago club-going days and come up with CEREBUS THE DJ. Be here for all the fun as Chris "The Machine" Ellison unwraps his birthday present in Washington DC's "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" club (on Halloween, no less!). And, say, what has this to do with Fairfax, Virginia's THINK GEEK and their Unicorn Meat and Plush Zombie doll products? Tune in and find out!
313 (97) "A Bizarre Conversation with Geoff Darrow" 30 minutes January 27, 2012 That's how CEREBUS TV Field Producer, John Scrudder, described his interview he conducted with the famed artist of HARDBOILED and BIG GUY AND RUSTY THE ROBOT and SHAOLIN COWBOY. Dave Sim begs to differ and explains why he doesn't think the conversation is bizarre at all. Tune in and make up your own mind as to who's right. Also featured is a look at some absolutely outstanding art reproduction in IDW's volume 4 of RIP KIRBY:THE FIRST MODERN DETECTIVE, a notoriously difficult comic strip to reproduce accurately.
314 (98) "Canada's Next Great Super-Model?" 30 minutes February 3, 2012 David Birdsong episode. PARA TROOP - ComicBook Conspiracy.
315 (99) "Shannon Wheeler: Don't Be Boring!" 30 minutes February 10, 2012 A full-length episode on Shannon Wheeler and his legendary creation, TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN, the comic strip, the comic book, the Opera (seriously!), the magazine and now, thanks to Dark Horse Books, THE 566-page OMNIBUS! and an exclusive interview with Wheeler conducted by John Scrudder. Where did the concept for TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN come from? Is the cartoonist in the strip really autobiographical? Can I get some sugar in this? Are refills free? Dave Sim performs his two-page TOO MUCH COFFEE LIQUER MAN from the Cerebus graphic novel GUYS. Bonus features: CEREBUS TV benefit sketches by Jimmy Gownley, Stan Sakai, Sergio Aragones, Shannon Wheeler, Andre szymanowicz, David Petersen, Richard Starkings, Carolyn Belefski, Denis Kitchen, Jeremy Bastian and Max Ink AND! a sneak preview of COSPLAY LASS soon to appear in glamourpuss No.26! Who is she in her civilian identity?
316 (100) "Many Happy Returns" 60 minutes February 17, 2012 Dave Sim opens the box in his office closet marked "Cerebus TV Early History" -- from the summer of 2009 -- and finds…storyboards! Storyboards for an online TV show. Is it any wonder that he was six months ahead on glamourpuss when he started the show and has been right up against deadline ever since? Also, Cerebus TV editor, Dave Fisher, puts together a montage from the First 100.
317 (101) "Digital Downloads: Round Two" 30 minutes February 24, 2012 A second look (in what would appear to be an on-going series) at what Dave Sim calls "The Elephant in the Brick and Mortar Room": Digital Download Comics. Sim continues to weigh the pros and cons of offering digital downloads of his and Gerhard's 6,000-page graphic novel, CEREBUS. George Peter Gatsis, indy creator of BLACK DIAMOND EFFECT since 1990 displays some of his fancy animation and urges "Don't sign with anyone -- you can do this yourself, Dave!" while Sim offers some thoughts on illegal downloads of his work. Also a short interview with GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS' Danielle Corsetto and Canadian supermodel Kyla Nicolle vs. ZOOTANAPUSS and Bunny!
318 (102) "Watchmen: Who Prejudges the Prequels?" 30 minutes March 2, 2012 Dave Sim offers his own perspective on the recently announced series of prequels to the legendary comics series WATCHMEN. Stating the obvious -- that it remains "an unparalleled achievement in comics" -- Sim suggests that there are more aspects to the story than just the fact that writer Alan Moore is vehemently opposed to turning the intellectual property into an entertainment franchise: foremost among them, signing away your rights to that intellectual property in the first place. So what about a CEREBUS sequel or prequel done by others? Also Sim cites some personal examples of Stan Drake's dictum "no matter how good the (inking) technique is, if the drawing isn't there it's still lousy" hit home while he was working on glamourpuss No.24.
319 (103) "Asterios Polyp (David Mazzucchelli) and Gil Kane" 30 minutes March 9, 2012 Dave Sim sifts through his pile of mail for discussion topics. At the top of the list, David Mazzucchelli's first graphic novel, ASTERIOS POLYP, a gift to Sim from CEREBUS reader Menachem L. which he says "he enjoyed...in a really weird way". What weird way? Tune in and find out! Also someone who is way too young to be reading CEREBUS gets into his Dad's old copies and starts reading them compulsively. What does Mom have to say about that? Tune in and find out! Also, saluting the 44th anniversary of the first (?) self-published comic book, one of the grimmest and grittiest of all time! What is it? Which legendary comics writer used a pseudonym on it? Tune in and find out.
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