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Season 2: October 15, 2010 to October 21, 2011.

# Title Length Original airdate Summary
200 "Season 2 Preview Show" 30 minutes October 15, 2010 Wizard Toronto: Barbados without mask; Most Holy Art Auction; The Last Signing: Dave arrives at airport; Inside Steve McNiven's Portfolio: Cover of Nemesis #3; MORE Art Auctions: Most Holy, Day of Judgement, Cerebus with sword & shield; New Features: Quick Cuts; Behind the Scenes:Tattoo Hypocrite Kit; Old Favourites: Folically-Challenged Earth-2 Neil Gaiman meets C-Minus Kid; Mangled Romance Languages: The Possum by Blair Kitchen; Deep Inside Steve McNiven's Portfolio: Frazetta preliminary; That Darwyn Cooke is One Lucky Guy: Glamourpuss fan Marsha Cooke; Glamourpuss, Art ; Up Close: Photorealism in Comics History; Celebrities; Bikinis; Recreations of Classic Strips; Lindsay Lohan in Tears; Head Sketches R Us: McFarlane Spidey Cerebus; Hail and Farewell, September 24 2010: Dave sings "My Way" at the Last Signing; Deep, DEEP Inside Steve McNiven's Portfolio: Action Comics No 481, Curt Swan art, Calum Johnston on the Supermobile; (Secret!) Origins of Cerebus: Dave Sim's Ali Baba 1976; Storyboards: Glamourpuss Fashion Shoot; Steve Madden Shoes!: Erika Kitchen (Ultraist Studios); Gaga Cerebus: Lady Gaga & Cerebus art auction; Season 2 Premiere Episode hype; New glamourpuss commercials teased: "Kate" & "Kyla"; Field Correspondent John Scrudder mini-interviews: Richard Starkings, Sergio Aragones, Charles Brownstein.
201 "How I Once Almost Worked with the Late Harvey Pekar" 60 minutes October 22, 2010
202 (37) "The Enduring Barbarian Cerebus" 30 minutes November 5, 2010 Dave draws the auction piece of Cerebus the Barbarian and discusses the history of the Barbarian Cerebus.
203 (45) "Cerebus Goes Ga Ga" 30 minutes November 12, 2010 Dave draws the auction piece of Cerebus & Lady Gaga.
204 (46) "Michael & Laura Allred: Those Madman Creators" 30 minutes November 19, 2010 Grokking Madman, 20th anniversary
205 (39) "The First Ever Quick Cuts Episode" 30 minutes November 26, 2010 Signed & Head-sketched TPBs/ glamourpuss #15/ Brian Bolland correction/ Funniest International Sign of the Year/ Auction: Quick Cuts art; #98 file copy & tracing paper cover.
206 (42) "The Erik Larsen Show" 30 minutes December 3, 2010 Image Comics: The Road to Independence; the forming of Image/ John Scrudder interview with Erik Larsen; Weird Grip; Auction: "Varky Varky Night" or "Savage Drag-Vark".
207 (35) "Cerebus the Pope" 30 minutes December 10, 2010 While drawing the auction piece: "Sermon on the Chimney" (Church & State p. 327 re-imagined), Dave discusses Cerebus the Pope.
208 (41) "The Irrepressible Stephen R. Bissette" 30 minutes December 17, 2010 Segment One subjects include: Tyrant Capitol Retailers Conference Edition, Back Issue Magazine #6, Dave's history with Steve, the Northampton Creator's Summit, John Totleban, Alan Moore and a reading of a section of "Tyrant"/ Segment Two subjects include: From Hell script book, the partnership break-up of Alan Moore and Steve, Alan's DC troubles in relation to creator ownership, Steve & Eddie Campbell's blogs, Swamp Thing original pages, Journeys into Fear promo art by Steve that Dave inked and how it relates to part 2's auction/ Auction: autographed Comic Book Rebels hardcover/ Announcement of Spanish Language edition of "High Society" (en espanol)
209 (48) "Christmas Special 2010" 60 minutes December 25, 2010 Dave reads Charles Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL, stave two.
210 (43) "Vark Thing (Bissette, Part Two)" 39 minutes December 31, 2010 Dave draws the auction piece: Vark Thing and discusses Bernie Wrightson's Swamp Thing.
211 (44) "Mighty Morphin' Power Aardvark" 30 minutes January 7, 2011 C-Minus Kid rocks out to the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" theme song; Behind the scenes of glamourpuss 17.
212 (47) "CBLDF" 30 minutes January 14, 2011 Show about The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Segment one: Discussion includes Dave's CBLDF award, Susan Alston, Denis Kitchen, John Scrudder interviews Denis, Susan's book "Dave Sim's Last Girlfriend", John Scrudder interviews Charles Brownstein, picture of Dave and Peter David hiding behind the First Amendment, Charles Brownstein talks about current events concerning CBLDF/ Segment two: Cerebus "Reads" bloody fight, censorship, First Amendment Purist vs Absolutist, Zamzam, restraint in creativity.
213 (49) "Great White North Hoserbag Mailbag" 30 minutes January 21, 2011 The Seriously-dissocciated Bob and Doug Mackenzie of Earth Two read Ed Gautier's email, concerning giving glamourpuss a Frankenstein scar/ The Seriously-dissocciated Bob and Doug Mackenzie of Earth Two introduce John Scrudder's clip of Brian Pulido, on his new Lady Death book/ Auction: The First Fifth portfolio.
214 (50) "Quick Cuts - Numero Dos" 30 minutes January 29, 2011 Really Effing Annoying Dave Sim of Earth-2 plugs the Zazzle.com CerebusTV coffee mugs, with cameo by Most Holy Cerebus/ Cerebus Archive FDC covers discussion/ The Seriously-dissocciated Doug Mackenzie of Earth Two uses the CeTV coffee mug as a "Little White Beer Stein Away From Home"/ More about the FDC covers/ Brian Bolland article in Wizard Magazine on computer based art/ Cerebus Archive #11 discussion/ Details of art patron's "Church & State" dream wall of original art commissions/ John Scrudder's short interviews with Frank Cho/ Sneak peeks of double-page spreads from glamourpuss #17/ Dave plays with the Supermobile Eric Hoffman sent in for Steve McNiven.
215 (51) "Gary Groth's Stalinism" 30 minutes February 4, 2011 Winter 2011 Fantagraphics catalogue /John Scrudder interviews David Mack of Kabuki.
216 (52) "Quick Cuts III" 30 minutes February 11, 2011 Cerebus Church & State Dream Wall progress/ Mike & Laura Allred respond, leading to their cover of glamourpuss #19/ Last Signing: Calum Johnston & CGC/ Last Signing: Airport Meet & Greet.
217 (53) "What is Dave Working On?" 27 minutes February 18, 2011 Cerebus Church & State Dream Wall concludes; Cover to Cerebus Archive #12/ Dave's 5 favorite Giles' Grandma cartoons, inspiration of Mrs Henrot-Gutch; Discussion of Donald Giles/ Glamourpuss #18; Ultimate Cerebus #1; Combination sincere public apology to Jim Steranko, and fundraising plea for more Dialogue on Comic Art features; Steranko's Dialogue on Comic Art promo.
218 (54) "Dave Sim vs Halifax" 27 minutes February 25, 2011 The Last Signing photograph shoot for the Halifax Chronicle Herald article "A Brush with Greatness"; Dave discusses tale behind photo with Gerhard in Globe & Mail Business magazine from 1993; Article photographer Tim Krochak's funny story about Jimmy Carter; Arts & Life front page; Article writer Stephen Cooke's interesting thing about Christopher Walken; Article scan for words "misogynist" or "controversial"; Preview of upcoming "The Last Radio Interview"/ Following Cerebus #12 discussion, Mouseguard creator David Petersen interviewed by John Scrudder.
219 (55) "Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot & Mysterymen" 30 minutes March 4, 2011 Dave discusses Bob Burden and his absurdist creation, the Flaming Carrot/ "Mystery Men" (1999) trailer; Dave discusses Bob's Mysterymen and its movie; Dave discusses the creation of Cerebus #104, that he, Bob, Gerhard, and Roxanne Starr worked on together; Auction: 5 autographed pages from 104.
220 (56) "The Last Radio Interview" 30 minutes March 11, 2011 During the Last Signing, Dave is interviewed for CBC Radio by Bill Roach.
221 (57) "What If Cerebus Had Lived in the Age of Mad Men?" 30 minutes March 18, 2011 glamourpuss #18: The 60s are back; Dave does the Twist; Cerebus in therapy/ John Scrudder's full interview with "Liberty Meadows"' Frank Cho; John Scrudder interviews Jimmy Gownley of "Amelia Rules!"; Dave discusses Gownley's "Shades of Gray".
222 (58) "Julius vs Oscar" 30 minutes March 25, 2011 Dave discusses his correspondences with Oscar Wilde's grandsons; Dave performs the Lord Julius meeting with Oscar from Cerebus #125, Dave previews the upcoming glamourpuss #18 auction, includes Dave doing the Twist again and the trailer for the 1962 film "Pressure Point"; John Scrudder interviews Sergio Aragones of "Groo" & MAD Magazine; Dave responds to Sergio.
223 (59) "Hall of Mirrors Edition" 30 minutes April 1, 2011 Dave introduces the Lost Episode (38), shot in July 2010, with preview of upcoming Kitchen Family show: Head Sketches R Us Special Celebrity Edition - Cerebus as Blair Kitchen's "The Possum"; Dave goes into the Cerebus Archive's Correspondence File, reads from Ralph Kidson's mini-comic "Animal Jobcentre", Jacob Kitchen's Last Signing autograph, reads from "The Possum" #4, draws Cerebus Possum head sketch./ Delay in glamourpuss #18 art auction, now including two Russ Heath drawings; preview that issue's Speculative History of Photorealism.
224 (60) "Girls with Slingshots, Part One" 30 minutes April 10, 2011 Dave draws commission for Lou Valenti, of "The Dark Roach Returns" with Cerebus as Robin, discusses Klaus Janson's inking work on Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns".
225 (34) "Is It Possible For a Writer/Artist to Do The Ultimate Version of His Own Character?" 30 minutes April 16, 2011 Originally scheduled to air July 16, 2010. John Scrudder interviews Steve Rude/ Dave recreates page 2 of Cerebus #1, for the eventual Ultimate Cerebus #1.
226 (61) "Girls with Slingshots, Part Two" 30 minutes April 22, 2011 Great White Hoser TV's Seriously-dissocciated Bob & Doug Mackenzie of Earth-2 introduce, at length, John Scrudder's interview with Danielle Corsetto of the "Girls with Slingshots" web comic/ Great White Hoser TV asks "What's up with the people in Toronto?"; Dave thanks John & Danielle, plugs Hope Larson's "Gray Horses".
227 (62) "Justice League of Extraordinary Hosebags" 31 minutes April 29, 2011 Glamourpuss #19's cover by Mike Allred, references Mark Martin's rectangle gag; Superheroine parodies from issue 7, Leather Cleavage, Ms. A, & Girl Flash sources; Hollywood fashion superheroine Halle Berry's Catwoman movie/ The confounding appearance of exposed boobs in fashion magazines leads to the birth of the League of Extraordinary Hosebags; discussion about the "Justice League Companion" by Twomorrows Publishing; Hosebag #1 Ballin' Chain Grrl; WTF moment leads to Hosebag #2, the Golden Dildo; reminder of no plans for trade paperback of glamourpuss, plug for ComiXpress' carrying all back issues always.
228 (63) "CerebusTV Goes to the Movies" 31 minutes May 6, 2011 Dave reviews the show bumpers made up of footage from the likely never to be released CGI film, by Oliver Simonsen and 130 volunteers: Regency Hotel, sparkles, "surrender Dorothy", "what a big logo you've got, Grandma", "Coming up next on BBC1", New Marketing Strategy, Soft Sell, "A Breath of Fresh Air" dragon, rooster dragon, "Preparation H commercial", operatic, "Cerebus the Epic Movie meets the Mod Squad", rooster dragon guy gets it right this time, "Cerebus vs. Silence of the Lambs", and Cerebus & Elrod the Albino./ Cerebus... The Movie? segments: Issue #1 "The Flame Jewel", Issue #5 "The Idol", Issue #13 "Black Magiking", "Necross the Mad", "The Priest of Tarim", and "Lord Julius Orders a Kitchen Staff Supervisor".
229 (64) "The Last Portfolio Review, Part 1" 40 minutes May 13, 2011 Letter from Eddie Khanna, along with first-person POV video, describes the journey to the Halifax Memorial Library where Dave, as part of the Last Signing, is doing his last Portfolio Review session; Video of Eddie meeting Dave; Article in Halifax's newspaper "The Coast" about the Last Signing; Dave draws No-Longer-Hungover Brennan a Barbarian Cerebus headsketch; Dave addresses Bruce's foundational work's foundational problems, word balloon placement & emphasis./ Dave reviews Andrew Power's work on his "Aptitude Test" digest comics, critiquing his brush line density, referring to Windsor McCay's inking style, and redraws one of Andrew's characters to elaborate upon "pick a light source, any light source".
230 (65) "The Last Portfolio Review, Part 2" 35 minutes May 20, 2011 At the Last Signing, Dave reviews Andre Myette's "Humbug!", and gives a lesson on depth of field, using tracing paper to create multiple layers. A couple of girls try out the Gillott 303 pen nib.
231 (66) "Chaykin (but not stirred)" 35 minutes May 27, 2011 Dave relates a story about Howard Chaykin giving advice to Bill Sienkiewicz after his marriage ended; then another about Dave and Deni getting marriage advice with Howard and his then-wife Leslie Zahler during their first US tour in 1982, Dave's top five excerpts from "Howard Chaykin Conversations" edited by Brannon Costello. #5 Howard talks about his work on the first Dominic Fortune comic and comments on Terry Austin; #4 Howard observes and comments on cat eating butterfly, then talks about Mike Vosburg; #3 Howard discusses his archetypes, and his fashion sense; #2, Howard answers when he first wanted to become a comic book artist; #1, Howard discusses his pitch for Superman, including clip of "I Believe in You" from "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"; Dave finishes with story about "Aardvarks Over San Diego" party, when he gave Howard a proposal to publish his work; followed by the last time he saw Howard in passing at Wondercon.
232 (67) "Little Red Corvette" 33 minutes June 3, 2011 Dave discusses glamourpuss #19's History of Photorealism section, featuring "The Andy & Larry Hone Sequence" from the Heart of Juliet Jones, and how it includes a recurring motif Dave calls "overt malignancy and fast cars". More discussion of Dave's journey into the Stan Drake/Alex Raymond "Heart of Darkness" in search of the truth of what happened on September 6th, 1956. Dave details the process of generating the one page the section needed from scratch, that of Alex Raymond & Stan Drake getting into Drake's Chevrolet. Dave concludes his work on the page; Dave reports that Arlen Schumer, author of the "Hogan's Alley" article "Alex Raymond's Last Ride", the interview with Stan Drake on the crash, is aiding him in chronicling the accident with photographs and a map of the area. Features some of Arlen's custom design work for ABC's 20/20, the Joyce Theater's the Superheroes of Dance, his Dove Men+Care ad, his Capt. Israel character, his "The Silver Age of Comic Book Art" book, and his "Visions From the Twlight Zone" book.
233 (68) "Spy Guy's Indie Christmas in June" 30 minutes June 10, 2011 Dave does a May 5th 2011 intro to December 20th 2010 filming he did at the residence of Spy Guy self-publisher Mike Kitchen and his family. Plug for iSpy glow-in-the-dark shirt. Focus on Gary Scott Beatty's "Indie Comics Magazine", and his Rockabilly feature in it. The original art for ICM Issue 2's SPY GUY short story, with Mike's three oldest kids' self-created characters, is filmed by Dave during his visit. Dave explains the outtakes are included as "Features". Grinch Dave gives us commercials/ The Kitchen Family Players credits (with Anika & Raina's names accidentally switched); "Spy Guy and The Case of the Anuannaki Artifact" with voices by Mike Kitchen as Spy Guy; Erika Kitchen as Erica Korczak; Anika Kitchen as Katie Whips; Raina Kitchen as Two Gun Tiny; Erikson Kitchen as Super Shooter; Markus Kitchen as "CHNK!" sound effect; and special guest Dave Sim as both Dr. Golem and the Aliens. Features: #1 "Erika Kitchen and the Cantankerous Quandry", #2 "Even Daddies Make Mistakes (It's True)", #3 "Special Guest Dave Sim (Get Outta Here and I Mean It) Hits Record When He Meant to Hit Standby". #3A "Teaching Anika How to Hit Those Italicized Words Real Hard", #3B "Dave Sim's Pant Leg", #3C "Dave Sim's Giant Hand", #3D "Kitchen Family Living Room Carpet (So Clean You Could Eat Off It, But Erika Would Spank You)". #4 "Special Guest Dave Sim (Get Outta Here and I Mean It), By Means of Particularly Sloppy Editing, Amuptates the 'Two' in 'Two Gun Tiny', Raina's Character's Name". #5 "Erikson Kitchen's Super Shooter, a Character So Tough, So Aggressive, So Seriously Steamed (How Tough? How Aggressive? How Seriously Steamed, You Asked?) So Tough, So Aggressive, So Seriously Streamed, That He Needs Subtitles". #6 "Super Shooter Runs Out of Gas", aka "You Can Only Be That Tough, That Aggressive, That Seriously Steamed For So Long When You're 6 years Old and Your Christmas Cookies Are Waiting For You." Dave discusses the kids' reaction to the ending of their parents kissing.
234 (69) "glamourpuss #20" 32 minutes June 17, 2011 Dave discusses having just received Arlen Schumer's exhaustive photographs of Alex Raymond's fatal car crash, which leads to a "to be answered" pile of mail discussion; Jeff Seiler's singing birthday card to Dave; Robe Imes sent Ditko Mania #84 and Ralph Reese interview print-out; Robin Snyder's The Comics fanzine with Ditko letter; Darrell Epp's trip to Africa letter excerpt; Jimmy Gownley letter and autographed "Amelia Rules!" next two volumes, and Leonard Starr's Mary Perkins On Stage Vol 4 (also autographed); Jimmy Gownley's half of the Cerebus/Amelia Rules! jam piece, compares Jimmy's roughed-in Cerebus dialogue to his own; $22 secret code for the print; glamourpuss #20 the "Surprise Issue": "The Man With the Golden Arm" trailer clip, drawings in the issue related to the book & movie featuring Frank Sinatra, Arnold Stang, Nelson Algren, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre; one of Dave's favorite fashion photographs, textures/ downtown Westport, Ct. photo; Jayna Lewis at Westport Public Library sends print outs of the local newspapers from the week of the crash; possible discussion topics: long distance direct calls ad, Prescott Bush; joyriding.
235 (70) "Dave's "Mail Call" 32 minutes June 24, 2011 Dave digs into his "to be answered" pile of mail; Shannon Wheeler's Too Much Coffee Man #22 cover, Claude Flowers sends Micronauts #1-11, Special Edition reprint, & King-Sized Annual, Joe Rubenstein inking leads to Cerebus "The Morning After" print discussion; Eisenhower & Prescott Bush page from glamourpuss #20, Arlen Schumer sends Westport Historic Society broucher with directions related to Main Street; photo of Main Street circa 1966; vintage postcard of YMCA; only a page and half remain to be finished for the issue/ John Scrudder interviews Marc Hempel & Mark Wheatley, with interruptions by Dave, including Sandman fame, Naked Brain fame, Tug & Buster notority, frigging sun & dirtbag Earth, Blackball Comics' Radical Dreamer unfolds, Peanuts, Genital Ben vs Gently Bent, 96 letter from Marc to Dave, horrible noise, "Frankenstein Mobster" movie trailer, Captain Action trading; Al Williamson Adventures.
236 (71) "Judenhass: Teaching the Holocaust" 22 minutes July 1, 2011 The Judenhass commercial; Grade 10 teacher G.R. provides clips of her students discussing their reactions to reading "Judenhass" in the classroom. Dave also offers classroom sized packages of 30 copies of the book for $100. Dave responds with his view on the Israel/Palestine situation.
237 (72) "Minimalist Genius" 30 minutes July 9, 2011 From the honking great pile of mail: Dave congratulates Rick Norwood's Comics Revue for hitting issue 300 and discusses his favorite current strips from the book, Roy Crane's Buz Sawyer in Vietnam and Secret Agent Corrigan by Al Williamson & Archie Goodwin; Kim Thompson sends one of the new Fantagraphics Prince Valiant reprint books to Dave to potentially write an introduction for a future volume. But Dave explains "If you plan to reprint Prince Valiant by Hal Foster, don't let this happen to you", comparing images from the Fantagraphics volume to an original Sunday newspaper full page, focusing on the loss of brush strokes and color differences, finding Rick Norwood's Prince Valiant: An American Epic to be a superior reprinting to it./ Montage of images from Oliver Simonsen's Captain Zap, and its quotes of praise from Howard Cruse, Roberta Gregory, Mary Fleener, James Kochalka, Dylan Horrocks, Jessica Abel, Donna Barr, Will Eisner, Stan Lee; Dave wonders what happened to Captain Zap, which left off on part 2 of a 3 part story more than a decade ago, and where the creator, Oliver Simonsen went... realizing he's the one behind the Cerebus the Animated Movie clips on the show! Dave plugs his and Oliver's "Okay, now I'll ask you one..." discussion at CaptZap.blogspot.com.; Small Press Comics Focus on Oliver Simonsen and Captain Zap;
238 (73) "Dave's New MacBook" 30 minutes July 29, 2011 Dave Fisher interviews Greg Horn at the Paradise Wizard Show in Toronto; interjection by Dave Sim includes Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark vs Steve Ditko on a larger cosmic scale; Fischer films J. Bone inking, which stuns Dave; J. Bone sketches and inks the Flash/ Mail pile update (or lack thereof), glamourpuss 19 features the Joe Kubert typeface pasted up via Dave's new MacBook, his first computer since December 2007, talks about missing the typesetting, though still uses electric typewriter, explains things in glamourpuss still being done on computer, color separation discussion on issue 21's cover, and Cerebus Archive #14's cover. Sherwood Digital Copy & Print owner Paul Walman was the Aardvark-Vanaheim landlord from Cerebus issues 12 to 130.
239 (74) "SIMtv" 30 minutes July 29, 2011 YouTube premiere episode; Dave salutes the American flag and the US Air Force for their help in Canada's air defense; David Branstetter' sends the 1959 Steve Canyon board game and free copies of his Straw Man comics. The big pile of mail has finally been conquered, right on time for Canada Post to go on strike. Dave reads excerpts from his letter exchange with Branstetter, discussing the independent comics market; Thank You card from Matt & Paula Dow, for the flowers Dave sent to them for the birth of their daughter, Janis, who also thanks Dave; Lid Magazine, co-produced by CerebusTV fan Dagon James. Montage from the Summer 2011 issue, featuring the photos of Jurgen Vollmer, set to "My Bonnie" by Tony Sheridan and the Beatles/ Dave reads from Jurgen Vollmer's "From Hamburg to Hollywood" excerpted from Lid magazine; Robert Rowe sends Witchfinder #3 featuring new artwork by John Severin.
240 "BarnardTV" 34 minutes August 12, 2011 "Amelia Rules, Cerebus Governs (reconsiders?)" jam print completion announcement; Following Cerebus #12 discussion from episode 218 and David Petersen interview; covers to FC issues from episode 129 and Neal Adams fax/ Lost at BerneyArms Comixbook.tv commercial/ From 129, the FC 1 Barbarian Cerebus cover; Robin Barnard plugs back issues of FC; Meet the CerebusTV team; urge for viewer's feedback; Give Peace a Chance?; Small Press Comics Focus: Freddy Hollis' Dirty Rotten Comics; glamourpuss e-book feature, Robin answers questions on the making of it and gives opinions on digital comics; glamourpuss #20 release announcement, surprise for Robin, Give Peace a Chance again; Dave pleads forgiveness from David Petersen for the delay; time to go to sleep!
241 (75) "Idyl" 33 minutes August 26, 2011 This episode is Sim's "Ode to Jeff Jones" where he reminisces about the only time he interviewed the legendary fantasy artist and cites several of his favorite IDYL strips from his well-thumbed collected volume.
242 (76) "The Last Corvette" 33 minutes September 2, 2011 Continuing coverage of Dave Sim's "The Last Signing" from September of 2010. What does Dave Sim do when he has his first day off in over a year? He goes to see The Last Corvette in existence (and it has nothing to do with Stan Drake's car). That night: dinner at a Chinese restaurant with the Strange Adventures staff and Steve McNiven -- a nice segue into part one of the "Steve McNiven Interview". Dave Sim takes a tour of Steve McNiven's portfolio including pages from his and Mark Millar's NEMESIS, Marvel's CIVIL WAR and OLD MAN LOGAN --- plenty of original art close-ups!
243 (77) "Alexa" 30 minutes September 9, 2011 It's Dave Sim's turn to be interviewed, this time by glamourpuss fan -- and high fashion fan! -- Alexa Tomaszewski of the website COMIC BOOK DAILY as part of Dave Sim's recent trip to Toronto. Get the inside story on Sim's glamourpuss, now in it's third big year.
244 (78) "A Day in the Life of Paradise Comics" 30 minutes September 16, 2011 Featuring The Amazing Doug -- Doug Simpson, the legendary psychic store manager demonstrates his photographic memory of every subscription file in the store and then provides a snapshot of the bestselling titles for July of 2011. Also, a sneak-peek at store owner Pete Dixon discussing his recent appearance on the Reality TV series, RISKY BUSINESS where he was given $10, 000 to invest in comic books, promising a substantial profit to the investor.
245 (79) "Terry Moore in Paradise" 30 minutes September 23, 2011 Dave Sim reminisces about his discussion with Terry about their respective "new books" in November of 2007. When ECHO was still three months away from launch (and glamourous was five months away from launch) on the occasion of Terry's award-winning series coming to an end. Includes an exclusive interview with Terry about what he likes best and least about comics and some interesting background on hi new series RACHEL RISING. Also a brief look at Dave Sim's CEREBUS VS. WOLVERINE/WOLVERINE: THE BEST THERE IS sketch cover commissioned by Paradise Comics owner Peter Dixon as an investment book for his appearance on the reality TV series RISKY BUSINESS. CEREBUS VS. WOLVERINE -- sounds pretty risky to us!
246 (80) "Countdown to Zootanapuss" 30 minutes September 30, 2011 Actually, it will almost be too late to get the ZOOTANAPUSS #1 incentive cover by the time this episode airs (unless your local store has an inside contact at Diamond). Still, Dave Sim looks back over the three weeks it took him to produce the first nine one-page instalments of "Zootanapuss and Bunny, her One Rabbit Wrecking Crew" doing his best Jeff Jones/IDYL imitation. Steep learning curve with a close look at the Gonzales VAMPIRELLA-like Zootanapuss, the too-Frank-Miller-for-words Zootanapuss, the Barbie Benton (!) Zootanapuss and more! Bonus as Dave Sim shows what he considers Jeff Jones Best IDYL STRIPS...EVER!! "Aristotle" and "The First Immortal Turtle".
247 (81) "Neal Adams is BACK!" 30 minutes October 7, 2011 Dave Sim charts the course of his lifelong interest in and various attempts to imitate the art of Neal Adams, starting with an exhibit of Neal Adams originals at Cosmicon in Toronto in 1972 -- most particularly trying to find clean black and white copies of the work -- leading up to the present day. Includes a look at examples of Neal Adams ghosting THE HEART OF JULIET JONES for Stan Drake in 1966 and pieces auctioning for tens of thousands of dollars through Heritage Auctions. Neal Adams himself is featured in an interview conducted by John Scrudder at the 2011 HEROES CON in Charlotte North Carolina where Neal discusses his current work including THE AVENGERS, WOLVERINE and his creator-owned BLOOD for Dark Horse Comics.
248 (82) "Looking for Heroes?" 30 minutes October 14, 2011 A look at the last (?) of the great All Comic Book Conventions -- Shelton Drum's HEROES CONVENTION in Charlotte,North Carolina -- which is about to enter its third big decade. John Scrudder interviews Shelton the Saturday of the show and Neal Adams, Sara Richard and Frank Cho weigh in with testimonials. Also: photos from Dave Sim's 1984 HEROES AREN'T HARD TO FIND Mini-tour. In the second half, a look at some great artwork by John Buscema, inking himself and inked by such notables as Mike Esposito, Dan Adkins, George Klein, Tom Palmer and others and the short-lived CONAN newspaper strip. Which makes a nice segue into John Scrudder's interview with noted comics artist and book illustrator, Stephanie Buscema, John Buscema's granddaughter.
249 (83) "glamourpuss No.22: Hail and Farewell" 30 minutes October 21, 2011 Dave Sim, with two pages left to go, takes a last look at glamourpuss No.22 which certainly features a strange line-up. Besides the first appearance of Zootanapuss and Bunny, The One-Rabbit Wrecking crew, there are also appearances by Claudette Colbert, Susan Hayward and Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald … and who is "Janie"? as Stan Drake's first marriage to Elizabeth Betty Lou Smith comes to the fore just as he and Alex Raymond are pulling up to the West Parish Road house to pick up Drake's Corvette. Also a sneak preview of glamourpuss No.23 (with its Zootanapuss No.2 incentive cover). Could this be the rare one? Ask the C-Minus Kid who also appears!
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